Localization is how we reach a global community.

In order for Tor to work for everyone, it needs to speak everyone's languages. Our volunteer translation team works hard to make this a reality, and we can always use more help. Our current translation priorities are translating Tor Browser, Tor Browser documentation, and the Tor Project website, but there are many other documents that we could use help translating as well.


Becoming a Tor translator

Learn how to sign up and begin contributing.

Current Status of Translations

Not sure where to start? Here you can find an overview of the current localization status for all of the different Tor Project projects.

Report a problem with a translation

Sometimes the translations of apps are not working correctly. Here you can learn to fix it.

Can you help us improve our translations?

Localization is a continuous process across our applications. Notice any improvements we could make to our translations? Open a ticket, reach out to us, or become part of our translators squad.

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